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National World Can’t Wait Conference:
May 3 - 4, 2008 (all weekend) in Berkeley
Our first conference to be held on West Coast!
You’re Invited! Save the Dates!

You’re invited to be in the hall for this important national World Can’t Wait organizers’ conference! It’s set for the May 3'd - 4th weekend, on the UC Berkeley campus.

WCW organizers and leaders from all over the country will spend two days delving deeply into the challenges facing our movement, sharing experiences and setting the direction for the coming months of 2008. Everyone who’s been part of and/or supporting the World Can’t Wait movement is urged to come take part! We’ll be making bold plans to repudiate the program still firmly in place under George Bush. We will discuss factors that may yet make it possible to drive Bush and Cheney from office, and the need for people to act independently of the politics defined and allowed by the coming election (witness the fact that no campaign is making the obvious moral call for impeachment based on lying to Congress or war crimes). We’ll tackle assessing the Bush program – the disparity between the hopes people have in the presidential candidates, and the candidates’ actual political programs – the possibility of a Bush attack on Iran. We’ll dig into World Can’t Wait’s work against military recruiting and torture, and make concrete plans through the fall for spreading the movement among youth and students.

Most importantly, we’ll discuss our responsibility as people living in this country, to bring a halt those actions most associated with the crimes of the Bush regime: the illegitimate war and occupation of the Middle East, the torture state assembled at the highest White House level and the “fascist remaking” of the society for generations to come.

Mid-way in the conference on Saturday evening we’ll be in North Berkeley for a program (open to the public) of video excerpts from the March Winter Soldier Investigation into the US military in Iraq & Afghanistan, with commentary from Elaine Brower whose son was deployed in both countries.

Can the world wait? Our movement will discuss the demands placed by history on those who have identified the Bush regime as a danger to the world which can and must be isolated, its program defeated and the basis laid for a movement on a scale that can really make a huge change in this country and in the world. Join us!

Watch here for more info about the conference agenda and registration. But please go now to the national WCW website – and as you browse the new articles, action reports and commentaries there, think about what a difference it has already made that the World Can’t Wait movement has been out here for these past three Bush Regime years! Calling war crimes and war criminals out for what they truly are . . . Demanding impeachment . . . Taking on the Christian Right . . . and the military recruiters . . . and Fox News . . . and the architects of torture . . . Inspiring a new wave of youth and students to take heart and take to the streets. Have you been part of bringing all this forward, in these past 3 years? Do you want to be part of it now and in the months ahead? Then come to this conference and jump in.

As the host chapter, we need everyone to help with setting up the conference site, organizing housing, providing food and many other details both large and small. If you can help personally or with suggestions on any of these, please call these coordinators:

General Help:   Office;     415-864-5153
Housing:        MaryAnn;    510-502-8947
Food (meals):   Sabrina;    510-827-8372
Logistics:      Mike;       650-619-9273
Logistics:      Noel        415-864-5153

SF Bay Area WCW Chapter office

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