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Powell & Market in SF, Wed. Aug. 6 @ 5 PM Sharp!
(See below for "freeze" action YouTube and for Contact Info)

On August 6, 1945, the US dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan and three days later, dropped a second bomb on the city of Nagasaki. Somewhere over 220,000 people - overwhelmingly civilians - were killed by these two atomic weapons, and many thousands more died over the ensuing years suffering from the radiation poisoning they caused.

Most of the world (yet only 70-80% of US college students we've surveyed) knows that the US is the only country that has ever used nukes.

George Bush, still commander-in-chief, is recklessly threatening a war with Iran that could break out even before the next president is sworn in. He is marshaling the same lies used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Both the Republicans and Democrats are insisting that all options, including the use of nuclear weapons, are on their tables.

None of this will be halted and reversed if the people do not stand up.

At the first FREEZE action about 150 participants "froze" inside New York City's Grand Central Station (see YouTube below). "Freeze" actions are quick, fresh, and a creative way to involve many new people who don't march or attend meetings. Watch the Grand Central FREEZE action from July 10, 2008 here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGyfX0TxcgU

* WHAT YOU CAN DO: Get the word out to come to Powell and Market in SF on Hiroshima Day at 5:00 PM. Bring friends and relatives. Invite your entire organization, addressbook, and all your MySpace and Facebook friends. Stand up in class, or church, or at work and invite everyone there. Bring out your union local, your neighborhood, your sports team.

* HOW IT WORKS: Participants gather in a public place (transportation hub, park, downtown crossroads) where there are a lot of pedestrians. The interesting element is surprise, drama, and creating a surreal scene so people walking by wonder what you are doing. They can join in. At a pre-determined time, with a designated signal , we all "freeze" in place for 5 minutes. No talking, no interaction, just statues frozen in place. A whistle is blown to end the action and we break into chants such as "No Attack on Iran!"

* DIRECTIONS: Please arrive at 5:00 PM sharp (we will be going indoors at 5:15 for the actual "freeze"). Meet up in San Francisco: at the corner of Powell & Market, on the street level near the cable car turnaround. (This is at the Powell St. BART station). Many MUNI bus lines also converge at this corner.

* WHAT TO BRING: We need dozens (even hundreds?) of people to come make this happen. WCW will bring small signs or stickers that people can wear during the "freeze" or you can wear an anti-war T-shirt. This is not a protest march, so no banners or placards. WCW will bring "don't attack Iran" flyers to hand out afterwards. This makes a great photo/TV event because it is striking and visual. Let's make it happen in hundreds of places to mark Hiroshima Day.

A one-time-only, one-hour-long coordinating meeting to plan the San Francisco Freeze will be hosted by World Can't Wait

Meet up at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, July 30, at the World Can't Wait office (2nd floor in the Redstone Building, 2940-16th Street, Room 200-6, San Francisco).

Groups and organizations are asked to send someone to represent you. All individuals are welcome too. We especially need volunteer photographers and videographers.

For more information: 415-864-5153 or sf@worldcantwait.org

Why YOU are needed in Berkeley this summer beginning July 15:Berk students

The anger and frustration that millions of people all throughout the country have been feeling during Bush's second term has mostly remained at a low simmer, beneath the surface, held in check by feelings of impotence and the illusion of a Democratic savior.  This reservoir bubbled up and overflowed this spring in Berkeley. Hundreds of youth took to the streets to demand: military recruiters out of our schools and out of our communities!  Hundreds of people of conscience - lawyers, psychologists, law students, torture survivors - have been part of a growing movement to dismiss, disbar, and prosecute "torture professor" John Yoo.

The battles to shut down the Marine recruiting station in Berkeley and to fire UC Berkeley professor John Yoo have become major fault lines which have reverberated across the country and put Berkeley in the national spotlight as an epicenter of resistance to the Bush program of unending war and torture.  All summer long we will be mobilizing youth to spark a movement that can transform the national landscape.

No more sitting passively on the sidelines waiting for some politician to put an end to the dangerous direction this country is heading.  It's not going to happen!  If the Democrats really wanted to stop the war, they wouldn't keep funding it.  They just gave Bush another $162 billion!

We are the ones we've been waiting for.  Will we go down in history as the apathetic self-absorbed generation who spent the summer playing video games while our government tortured people and got ready to bomb Iran?  Or will join the resistance movement in Berkeley, changing ourselves and the world in the process? 

SPECIFIC PLANS: Volunteers will begin arriving in Berkeley July 15.  August 20 we'll be heading to Denver to put out a radical pole of opposition at the Democratic National Convention (Aug. 25-28).  Here are some of the things we will be doing before we head out there:

  • "Shut Down the Recruiters" tour: Build for a Bay Area-wide tour that becomes a major political event.  People can "hook up with" the tour.  This would be a one week tour of recruiting stations and military bases around the Bay Area.  Each day we would go to two different spots, including off-the-beaten-track places like malls.  This would culminate in a large civil resistance at the Marine recruiters in Berkeley.  
  • Street canvassing in Berkeley, including fundraising.  We will take out a petition calling for shutting down the Marine recruiting station.  We will also build support for the John Yoo tribunal in the Fall.  And we will find people who want to come on the "Shut Down the Recruiters" tour and to the DNC.
  • Mass flyering at concerts and events all summer long.
  • A musical benefit show to raise money for the DNC trip and get people onboard. 
  • Youth mural project against military recruiting.
  • Thursday youth gatherings.  Young people can hook up with us Thursday evenings for movies, discussion, brainstorming, and planning.  4-6pm starting July 17 at Spud's Pizza (Alcatraz and Adeline in Berkeley)
  • Organize buses/vans/car caravans to the DNC.  Some youth will go early and make stops at military bases, including the notoriously right wing Christian fascist Air Force base in Colorado Springs.

What you can do to help make this happen:

Come to Berkeley!  If you live in the Bay Area, get involved in these exciting plans!

Intern with World Can't Wait: get school credit for fighting the power and changing the world.

Berkeley residents: house World Can't Wait volunteers from around the country.  Email us back and let us know how many people you can house and what the arrangements would be.

DONATE!  DONATE!  DONATE!  All this is going to take money.  What could be more important than helping a youth volunteer get to Berkeley and making it possible for them to be part of this summer of resistance?   Adopt an Actvist !

Several youth are ready to go make history. Your generous contribution today will make it happen!

Contact us at:


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