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Alexis Torres of San Francisco greets anti-abortion march... (Michael Macor / The Chronicle) 
Abortion opponents march in S.F.
Alexis Torres of San Francisco greets anti-abortion marchers with her own message. Torres and several hundred other pro-choice counterdemonstrators lined the Walk for Life route. (Michael Macor / The Chronicle)

Obama Fact Sheet

"I think those of us who voted for McCain are going to be a lot happier with Obama than the people who voted for him." -Republican Indiana resident Valerie Schlink, quoted in the New York Times, 1/18/08
January 20, 2009: The least popular, and most overtly criminal, administration in U.S. history is exiting the stage. The nation's first ever Black president--whose central campaign themes were "hope" and "change"-- is entering. For these basic reasons, the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th President has generated a level of excitement and optimism in the U.S. , and around the world, that is unprecedented for a presidential inauguration. Millions of Americans who, to the core of their beings, hated the Bush agenda of war, torture, repression, and religious fanaticism are hopeful that the Obama administration will dismantle that agenda.  
But will the incoming administration really undo, or even halt the progression of, the Bush program? Or will the new administration continue, in perhaps a slightly different form, that same program?   In other words: What is Obama's inauguration actually ushering in?
Consider the following questions and answers. But don't just read this passively. Send it on to as many other people as possible --especially progressive folks who genuinely want to end the nightmare of the past 8 years and are counting on Obama to do it for them. Use this for your own ongoing reference, and to open many other eyes to what Obama's inauguration really does--and doesn't--mean.

Obama's First Missile Strike

18 Killed in Pakistan
CHRIS BRUMMITT | January 23, 2009 01:09 PM EST | AP 
Pakistani tribesmen pray along a street following a demonstration near the federal parliament in Islamabad, Pakistan, Friday, Jan. 23, 2009. Hundreds of protesters Friday demanded an end to Pakistan military operations and U.S. missile attacks against Taliban militants in lawless areas bordering Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Suspected U.S. missiles killed 18 people on the Pakistan side of the Afghan border Friday, security officials said, the first attacks on the al-Qaida stronghold since President Barack Obama took office.

At least five foreign militants were among those killed in the strikes by unmanned aircraft in two parts of the frontier region, an intelligence official said without naming them. There was no information on the identities of the others.

Pakistan's leaders had expressed hope Obama might halt the strikes, but few observers expected he would end a tactic that U.S. officials say has killed several top al-Qaida operatives and is denying the terrorist network a long-held safe haven.

An image of President Barack Obama is put up at Guantanamo Bay.

An image of President Barack Obama is put up in the lobby of the headquarters of the US naval station at Guantánamo Bay. Photograph: Brennan Linsley/AP

Tune in to The Tuesday Edition of Beneath the Surface, with Michael Slate

January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day
5:00 to 6:00 PM, Pacific Time

go to "Audio Archives" at http://www.kpfk.org/index.php  ... Debra starts speaking about 20 minutes into the program. 

DSC_0712A by isisDC.
2009 Inauguration

Dupont Circle January 19 2009 


'Arrest Bush': DC protesters say goodbye to exiting president
Mike Sheehan
 Monday January 19, 2009

Dozens marched on Washington, D.C.'s 17th Street today in a last-minute sendoff for departing President George W. Bush.

Citizen journalist Mike Rogers, a staff member of RAW STORY, captured exclusive photos of the gathering of some 150 protesters, in the blocked-off zone around the White House. The group had a police escort in front and back and were allowed to march on the closed streets.

One protester, wearing a jail uniform and dummy Bush head, walked before a group of others holding a large sign saying "Arrest Bush." Others held a sign with an anti-war quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday today is a federal holiday, while a group from Code Pink held a similar sign.

President-elect Barack Obama is to be sworn in tomorrow in the nation's capital, while Bush will head to his ranch in Crawford, Texas to begin post-White House life.

More photos and video:


This Just In from WCW Activists in DC
Update: photos and audio from Shoe Bush protest

Vets for Peace and other groups have put together a newspaper called War Crimes Times. Its a newspaper that exposes the crimes of the government. Elaine, Ann Wright and Michael Ratner were some of the writers in this issue. On Friday, Vets For Peace and Elaine and me went into the newseum, which is a museum of news (that by the way has absolutely no record of major protests against the Iraq war or impeachment). 

About 11 people total participated in the action. When we got inside people did a huge banner drop from the 2nd floor that said prosecute war criminals Bush and Cheney. There were quite a bit of people inside and they were completely shocked. People outside and inside were very responsive for the demand to Obama to arrest Bush and Cheney. 

Then World Can't Wait hung out near 18th and Consitution with a banner that read, From Gaza To Guantanamo Stop The Endless Wars of Terror and Torture. Tons of people were taking picutures with the banner. So many in fact that we had a hard time leaving because people kept wanting pictures.The Arrest Bush group was there and they came and hung wth us for a while. We had a really good scene going on. We were challeninging people around Obama on the bullhorn and the war and that people shouldn't get sucked into supporting things under Obama they wouldn't have supported over Bush.

Exposure of Obama was surprisingly well recieved and the flier that we have did even more exposure and pointing to the need for mass resistance. We are getting our message out to about a million people. It is similar to Denver but with even more people from all different backgrounds and political perspectives. 

shoebush.jpgToday is the Shoe Bush protest, we will have a rally at dupont circle that Debra is speaking at and then march to the white house to throw shoes. We expect others from the outreach we did to be there ad they liked the idea of the shoe protest. We really want people outside of DC to know what World Can't Wait is doing so people should repost articles and pictures on different blogs, myspace, facebook, texts and email list.



Come to show your support and share your message to the children of Gaza who have been killed that we will never forget them, and that the children who are alive have our love and support! 

Everyone is welcome, but we are extending a special invitation to children and their families, and those who have suffered from or lost loved ones due to     state sponsored or local police violence.

Your browser may not support display of this image. 

Saturday, January 17th@3PM. 

AT Union Square -

Powell & Geary in San Francisco (if you're taking BART get off on Powell St. ext). 


•Candles for children to hold (extra candles will be provided) 
• Old children's shoes (to represent the children who have been killed) to leave as part memorial.

Your browser may not support display of this image.• Signs, banners and children's artwork about Palestine, messages and poems of peace, love and support for Gaza. 

wear all white shirts as a symbol of mourning and peace.

Sponsored by the Gaza Action Coalition: Al-Awda, American Friends Service Committee, American Muslims for Palestine, ANSWER Coalition, Arab American Union Members Council, Arab Resource & Organizing Center, Direct Action to Stop the War, East Side Arts Alliance, Free Palestine Alliance, General Union of Palestine Students, Homies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth, International Action Center, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, International League of Peoples Struggles, International Socialist Organization, Bayan USA, Just Cause Oakland, MalcomX Grassroots Movement, Middle East Childrens Alliance, Palestinian Youth Network, Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, SF Women in Black, St. Peters Housing, US Palestine Community Network-Bay Area Committee.

LISTEN UP: This weeks Soapbox highlights 7 years of torture and illegal detainment at Guantanamo.

Cindy Sheehan speaks with Debra Sweet, the National Director from World Can't Wait and Gloria LaRiva, from the National Committee to Free The Cuban Five. Cindy also talks with activist Greta Berlin from the Free GazaMovement about the current disaster in Gaza.

Click here to listen.

BART completes shooting investigation
Officials finish inquiry, offer no opinion on filing charges
Sean Maher
Oakland Tribune
Toby Blome, of El Cerrito, Calif., addresses the BART board of directors while holding a sign demanding the arrest of former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle at BART headquarters in Oakland, Calif., Monday, Jan. 12, 2009. BART Police Chief Gary Gee is listening in, at left. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Guantanamo protest, January 11 2009


Here we are, one year later...


how much more are YOU willing to tolerate?

watch SUNSARA TAYLOR OF WORLD CAN'T WAIT on the 6th anniversary of Guantanamo, 

And yes, Sunday January 11 marks the 7th year, with detainees still being force-fed,

March Against Torture. The SURVIVORS Can't Wait. 


Sun, Jan 11, 2009 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM 
Powell & Market 
San Francisco 
On the 7th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay Prison, say NO to torture! While Obama has said he will close Guantanamo, he has not said anything about repealing the Military Commissions Act (which legalizes torture), stopping extraordinary renditions, or shutting the other U.S. torture facilities such as Bagram Prison in Afghanistan or the many CIA "black sites."

There will be street theater, a speak-out and an orange jumpsuit march. Bring your own jumpsuit, if possible. A limited number of SF WCW jumpsuits may also be made available. Bring your friends, and get the word out:

"We Will Not Accept A Torture State!" 

Cosponsored with the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee, Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink and Fire John Yoo. 


U.S. has blood on it's hands

"The world community only is going to stand for this for so long..."

US weapons 'killing innocent civilians' in Gaza
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday January 2, 2009

As Israeli warplanes continue to bomb Gaza, attention is turning to the role of American-made weapons in the deadly attacks, which have now killed over 400 and wounded 2000, including many civilians. 

CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr believes that Israel's use of American weapons against civilians "is becoming very problematic." She notes, for example, that the 2000 pound bomb which killed a Hamas leader and members of his family on Thursday "is part of the billions of dollars that Israel has spent buying weapons from the United States."

Israel's use of American-made weapons in attacking Gaza has been a matter of offical concern for years. In 2002, the State Department announced it was monitoring possible violations of the Arms Export Control Act after the Israeli military used an American-made jet to drop a laser-guided bomb that killed a Hamas leader and 14 civilians in a crowded Gaza City neighborhood.

Just last September, Congress approved a $77 billion dollar deal to sell a thousand Boeing GBU-39 bunker-buster "smart bombs" to Israel. TheJerusalem Post reported on Monday that these small, GPS-guided missiles have now been used on underground tunnels and launchers in Gaza.

"Precision guided bombs are only precision in that they hit the target they are aimed at," Starr explained. "We're getting these civilian casualties. These weapons are supposed to be used for a country's self-defense. Israel, obviously, believes this is its self-defense against Hamas, but you see these civilian casualties. That's not why the US sells weapons abroad -- for the killing of innocent civilians."

"The world community only is going to stand for this for so long," continued Starr. "It's this reason that you're seeing people look for a political settlement." She added that Israel now intends to launch a ground campaign in Gaza to "get rid of Hamas once and for all," but -- as the US has learned in Iraq and Afghanistan -- it is impossible to wipe out an insurgency by military force along without first getting the civilian population on your side.

This video is from CNN's American Morning, broadcast Jan. 2, 2008.

Planned Actions for January 2009

JAN 6 (Tuesday): March of the Dead at the Opening of Congress.  "We carry the names of those killed during the illegal U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan to demand that this Congress end the terror of war, get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, stay out of Iran, Pakistan, Syria..."
Active Response Team says "WE NEED YOU TO TAKE PART & MAKE IT A PRESENCE ON CAPITOL HILL THAT CAN'T BE IGNORED." Contact: A.R.T. arrestbush@gmail.com
JAN 11 (Sunday): 7th anniversary of Guantanamo Interrogation Camp.  Protests everywhere against the U.S. torture state, against secret rendition and detention in Guantanamo and prisons in Iraq & Afghanistan.  Orange jumpsuit contingents marching from churches, programs examining whether the Obama and the Democratic Congress will break with the crimes of the Bush regime, or continue them. 
Witness Against Torture will hold a prisoner procession and fast for justice at the White House January 11-20, demanding an end to torture and the closure of Guantanamo. 
JAN 17-20: Inauguration/MLK weekend.  PROSECUTE the WAR CRIMINALS. END the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. "This is for the widows, the orphans, and those killed in Iraq." 
Washington DC.  Plans are in formation for the 4-day weekend.  World Can't Wait is protesting Monday Jan 19 at the White House and Union Station to demand war crimes prosecutions of the Bush regime & Tuesday at the inaugural parade to demand that the US end torture, withdraw all troops immediately from Iraq & Afghanistan, and against the inclusion of Rick Warren in the ceremony.  We are talking to other groups and will announce more plans shortly.
Atlanta & Los Angeles: Protests at Warren's Saddleback Church near LA, and at Ebeneezer Baptist in Atlanta, where Warren is speaking on Martin Luther King's birthday.

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