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Protesting Obama's Troop Surge


In downtown Seattle , people taking their children to visit Santa and riding the carousel. Young people are shopping, looking for Black Friday deals for the upcoming holidays. All of a sudden out of nowhere, military soldiers come running out with their arms pointed like guns and yelling for people to get down on the ground. The soldiers grab people standing by and throw them on the ground. The people on the ground are screaming and crying as the soldiers keep screaming at them, "Shut the Fuck Up, you fucking hadjis. You are nothing. Get the hell down." All the while the people on the ground are saying, " We didn't do anything, we love America . What did we do?" People passing by stop and begin taking pictures on their cellphone and a group of skateboarders laugh out of nervousness. Children are asking their parents about what is going on...

Free Lynne Stewart!

Lynne's bail has been revoked, and she is now being held in jail after the Second Circuit ruled on her and the government's appeals on Tuesady, November 17, 2009. You can read the opinion and other motions to stay below. 


Lynne Stewart
Lynne Stewart speaking at a mass protest against the Iraq war.

To send Lynne a letter, write:
Lynne Stewart
150 Park Row
New York, NY NY 10007

A message from the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition:

Lynne Stewart was sent to prison today. People throughout the United States and around the world recognize this as a great miscarriage of justice.

Her indictment was an outrage. So too was her conviction. The fact that this seventy year old veteran civil rights attorney has been sent to prison is a crime itself. She is serving a 28 month sentence although the Court of Appeals has remanded her case back to the original trial court with the hope that her sentence will be lengthened. The Bush Justice Department had sought a 30 year sentence.

"Lynne Stewart should be set free," stated Brian Becker, national coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition. "Her conviction is part of an-going war against civil rights and particularly against the Arab-American and Muslim community. With her jailing the government is sending a definite and chilling message to all the attorneys in this country - 'do not represent Arab people and or Muslims.'

In recent weeks the government has seized mosques in the United States at the same time as they have implanted agent provocateurs and set up sting operations and carried out FBI assassinations targeting the American Muslim community and its leaders."

The irony and hypocrisy of Lynne Stewart's imprisonment can't be overlooked. This admired civil rights attorney who is struggling with cancer is sent to prison while the Bush attorneys who authorized and instructed the most sadistic torture occupy comfortable positions as law professors and serve as judges on the federal bench. It is they who should be disbarred, prosecuted and sent to prison.

The ANSWER Coalition is planning major actions protesting the Afghanistan and Iraq war on Saturday March 20. We will also be demanding an end to the persecution and repression of the Arab and Muslim communities. Lynne Stewart has marched with us and spoken at these major protests in past years. In spite of the threat of prison hanging over her, Lynne Stewart always marched in defense others especially the Iraqi, Afghan and Palestinian people. 

On this March 20, 2010 people marching together will now also demand Free Lynne Stewart!

SF Protest sponsors include:
 Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; National Lawyers Guild; Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal; National Assembly to End the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars and Occupations; ANSWER Coalition; World Can't Wait and many others. Call 415-821-6545 for more information.

Fire, Disbar, and Prosecute John Yoo


Activists Protest John Yoo on UC Berkeley Campus


An AUC Berkeley police officer instructs activist B. Johnson to move her sign, which he claims violates a law that allows only signs 30 square inches to be displayed on campus property. Johnson then moved her wheelchair with the sign attached to a public sidewalk nearby. Staff photo Phil Pasquini

Continuing to publicly call for the firing and prosecution of "torture memo" author Prof. John Yoo, members of the World Can't Wait protested Sept. 3 on the Berkeley campus of the University of California where the former Bush administration attorney teaches a class in civil procedures...

c/o Flagler College Gargoyle

Obama's Prize tells world 'War is Peace'

By Cal Colgan |
Illustration by Hahau Yisrael

Last month, Barack Obama became the third U.S. president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The Norwegian Nobel Committee lauded Obama for his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

But unlike the countless followers of the lunatic Glenn Beck who think that our 44th president is turning our country into Stalinist Russia, there is a more rational argument to be made against Obama's recent award.

The Nobel Peace Prize was given to a man who, like a character in a George Orwell novel, kills in the name of peace. And as much as his doublespeak would like to drown out the cries of the victims of the sinister cadre of human rights abusers and war criminals that he supports, anyone with an elementary knowledge of current events knows that Obama's hands are muddied by the muck his allies have thrown on the peoples of the world...

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