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START DATE:Friday February 04
TIME:7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location Details:
Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church (MDUUC), 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Event Type:Speaker
Contact NameMary Alice O'Connor
Email Addressinfo [at] mtdpc.org
Phone Number925) 933-7850
Address55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Senator Mike Gravel, who attempted to ended the Draft, put the Pentagon Papers into the public record in 1971, ended US nuclear weapons testing in the North Pacific, initiated the Nuclear Critique and challenged the status quo in the Democratic Presidential debates, shares his perspective on Wikileaks and will answer questions on the Erosion of the Middle Class and, from his recent travels, questions about South Korea. 
video here

Wednesday night, January 27, "Torture Memos" author John Yoo was confronted by about two dozen protesters at the San Francisco stop of his national book tour for "Crisis and Command". World Can't Wait members flyered outside the Commonwealth Club of California (sponsor of the event), while others interrupted Yoo's presentation inside, 7 times over the course of an hour, identifying the speaker as a War Criminal and denouncing the Torture State he continues to advocate, and challenging the event's moderator to take a stand. Yoo's argument for executive privilege (that the President can do anything he pleases) carefully avoided the real issue of what that power was used for.

The audience response was mixed at first, but more and more applauded the disruptions as protesters were led from the room. I noted about a third of the attendees reading our brochure [ http://tinyurl.com/yd2pbtw ], which exposes the lies hiding under the guise of  "war on terror" and properly identifies Yoo's work as a War OF Terror. We distributed about 200 brochures in total, and had some good discussions with people after the event, including in particular a Commonwealth Club member who expressed her outrage at Yoo's statements and promised to complain to the Club for giving him a platform.

The event was recorded by NPR for future airing, and should be available as a podcast on the Commonwealth Club website [ http://tinyurl.com/yamks9n ] soon.

John Yoo speaks for the criminals who set up a torture state. Who speaks for their victims - who speaks for the detainees at Guantanamo - at Bagram? Fire, disbar, and prosecute John Yoo, Bybee, Addington, and stop the secret renditions and torture NOW!


On January 23, World Can't Wait was part of a broad-based coalition of national and Bay Area feminist and community activists,  united in San Francisco's annual action to "Stop the War on Women - Day of Action for Reproductive Justice."  This rally and counter-protest led by the Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR) was in response to the anti-choice "Walk for Life--West Coast" march where every year thousands of people are mobilized (mostly through the Catholic church) and bussed into San Francisco for this march, near the January 22 anniversary of Roe v Wade.

The rally began in spite of heavy rain, and the people's  energy and participation was welcome.  The most prominent of the speakers, Linci Comy of Women's Choice Clinic,  gave an important and clear analysis including the following comment.

"The simple truth is that when abortion is illegal women die. The World Health Organization (WHO) says 5 million women around the world are hospitalized each year from complications due to unsafe illegal abortion and 70,000 of these women die."

Additional speakers helped to charge and set the pace for the march.  Among them was B. E. Johnson of World Can't Wait, bringing into the mix a more comprehensive analysis of the broader political environment.  She stated: "There can be no common ground with maniacs.  Stop tying our dreams to what is politically expedient, start speaking the truth, and start acting like human beings with some passion and principles!" 

Just as "Walk For Life" began its march, a very diverse group of about 20 pro-choice women and men banded  together to disrupt it.   They were from different political groups and movements, and ranged in age from people in their early 20's to courageous lifelong resisters in their 80's.  Facing a group over 8,000 strong and lines of police primed to keep the anti-choice, anti-women message uninterrupted -- these brave women and men confronted the march, unfurling a 30' banner in the middle of the march and refusing to move.  (The initial intent was to have a "die in" but between the rain and the police in massive numbers stepping in,  they still seized the opportunity for immediate action.)  Our supporters were moving along the sidewalk giving encouragement and helping us stand our ground.

It lasted only a few minutes, with what looked like piles of police swarming down on the action to grab at the banner (they failed to confiscate it!) and roughly push and throw the counter-protesters over to the sidewalk.  But this action succeeded!  It disrupted the anti-choice march and even though metal barricades and lines of police prevented the entire pro-choice march from flowing over into the action itself, seeing this action energized the pro choice marchers on the sidewalk.   Together we made a statement: you anti-choice, anti-women's dignity and humanity marchers will not come to San Francisco unchallenged. 

Abortion was legalized in 1973 because it saves women's lives and benefits families; WHO research shows 220,000 children lose their mothers from abortion related deaths every year.  What a travesty for these abortion opponents to call themselves "pro-life"!.

Commemorating the 37th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in the United States, today's event is a spirited reminder of the importance of legal accessible abortion. Pro-choice advocates -- joined by representatives from the immigrant, labor, lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans gender, disability, people of color and youth communities -- lined the march route of "Walk for Life" for the next few hours to denounce escalating assaults on reproductive freedom, civil liberties, and women's health by religious fundamentalists and governmental policies - including but not limited to the regressive, anti-abortion Stupak-Pitts and Nelson-Hatch amendments added the health care bills that passed in the House of Representatives and the one currently in conference between the Senate and the House.


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