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Haiti: Eyewitness to Disaster
February 2, 2010

Walter Riley
Chair, Haiti Emergency Relief Fund
Seth Donnelly
Haiti Action Network

Walter Riley, a human rights attorney based in Oakland, was in Haiti doing solidarity work when the devastating earthquake hit.  Walters's harrowing account of what he saw in the streets of Paor-au-Prince, will stay with you.

We also explore the political context -- historically, present day, and in the future, as Haiti struggles to recover from its natural disaster.  What are the root causes of the deep poverty in Haiti, which is a key factor in why so many died in the earthqauke? What has been the US economic policy toward Haiti over the past generation and what will it be in the future? And what has been happening during the United Nations occupation of the past many years?  Who can best rebuild Haiti: US Marines or Haitian grasroots groups? 

interrupting the torture program

protesters confront John Yoo at every turn:

San Mateo, California

More than a dozen activists demonstrated outside a Rotary Club luncheon February 11, demanding that the war criminals of the Bush-Cheney Torture team be brought to justice. The call for this action read: "John Yoo, You Have no Business Here. We pledge to confront you at every stop of your book tour." For more see Protesters greet Yoo.
I just happened on this video from March 18, 2007 and it reminds me of how little has "changed" from the days of the Bush adminstration and how we need to recapture the spirit of this action... or better yet, February 15, 2003.

WORLD CAN'T WAIT endorses the Bay Area March 20 Coalition and will participate in protests across the nation. Join us!

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640_cbs2wcwrightiswrong.jpg original image ( 2816x1584)

Chabot College reporter interviewed event organizers outside of CBS affiliate KPIX Feb 4 2010

photo by R. Robertson, c/o Indybay

Lots of people are outraged that CBS is allowing Focus on the Family to buy 30 seconds of airtime on the Super Bowl this Sunday to air an anti-abortion message.  It is outrageous that CBS, the mainstream network of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, who would likely have been horrified to see CBS selling religion, is taking the ad.  Is CBS becoming FOX?

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