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Code Pink protesters Cynthia Papermaster and Susan Harman outside the Lafayette Veterans Memorial Building where Karl Rove spoke inside Tuesday March 30, 2010 in Lafayette Calif. (Dan Rosenstrauch/Staff)

c/o ANSWER Coalition:

One of the distinctive features of the March 20 mobilizations was the large participation from high school students, college students and other young people, including those in the armed forces. The mobilization brought a new generation of activists into political life. These students worked hard to do outreach and fundraising so they could attend the demonstrations, and contributions from many individuals helped to provide those who needed with scholarships.

Here is what some of the high school and college students who mobilized for the National March on Washington, as well as for the joint demonstrations in Los Angeles and San Francisco, have to say:

Cindy Roman

It was my first time marching so it was really really awesome. I felt that I had a lot of energy and I felt that if I have the power to make a difference, I will do it and I will make my voice heard. And I hope that people listen to our message and that they bring our troops home.

- Cindy Roman
Student, 9th grade, Facing History School
New York, New York

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Jon Gold shares his diary

photo by Ward Reilly 

Thank you to everyone who donated this weekend, asked friends, and helped us meet our goal. 

Watch footage from several previous We Are Not Your Soldiersworkshops conducted at Chicago schools. Hear what the students themselves say about the war and military recruiters.


March 20: STOP these Wars & Torture Now!

Sisters & Brothers:

Seven years after shock and awe in Iraq, and 14 months into the "change you can believe in," things are going in a terrible direction.

One outrage after another:

Obama's expansion of the war in Afghanistan to 100,000 troops  is not saving Afghan civilians, but killing them.

His use of secret operations and unmanned drones in 5 countries is not only illegal, unjust, and immoral, but against all of humanity.  Revelations that the president claims the right to assassinate US citizens, and that private contractors are running black ops outside the chain of command.

His defense of the Bush era torture lawyers and war crimes in the name of "executive privilege" is unconscionable.

His refusal to allow more than 600 detainees in Bagram, Afghanistan to be identified, and to be denied habeas corpus rights or lawyers to challenge their detention put the lie to the claim he made a year ago that "we do not torture."

Yes, the right wing IS breathing down Obama's neck, questioning the legitimacy of his presidency because he's Black.  The racist Tea baggers get more press for one convention of 600 than we've ever gotten for anti-war marches.  The neo-cons have all the intitiative, and the only promise Obama has kept is the one to spread the illegitmate occupation of Afghanistan.

But we have no skin in the game to save Obama, war president.

And there is no solution to this in Congress so don't look there.   Changing the face in the White House only made the poison go down easier.

What we need -- what only we can do -- is make a change in what people in this country will accept being done in our names.  If people have gotten confused about whether the Iraq war is over, tell them, no -- it's becoming a permanent occupation!

If people are listening to the "Dick" Cheneys and John Yoos that torture is necessary to keep us safe, and thinking, maybe they agree, tell them, no -- torture and aggressive war are never acceptable.

If kids you know are joining up with the military now because fighting for Obama sounds better than fighting for a president that hated, or because Don't Ask Don't Tell might finally be ended, tell them no!  Don't join up for a military occupation where you will be trained and ordered to commit war crimes!

Want to stop the war?  Stop the recruiters!  Bring the We Are Not Your Soldiers! Tour bringing veterans to tell students the reality of the occupations, and help them resist the recruiters.  If you want to stop the wars, start at your school.!  March with the contingent and sign up to bring the tour to your school.

Only we can reverse this dynamic.  The future is unwritten. Which one we get is up to us.  The world STILL can't wait!

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