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May 25, 2010

Just about every group imaginable was 
out Tuesday to protest the current 
administration's continuance of 
Bush era policies. 

While the Gulf of Mexico bled, the president 
headlined a $17,600/plate fundraiser for 
Barbara Boxer, the obscenity of which was 
not lost on the Bay Area community. 
World Can't Wait carried the message 

Sign Statement here

WHAT Oil Spill?

A member of the Strolling Strings, part of the President's Own United States Marine Band, plays during the Mexico State Dinner in the East Room of the White House, May 19, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Boalt Hall Graduation 2010

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click here for an initial 
report on Friday's action, 
with many thanks to all 
who participated. More 
to come!

the "Believe System"


Dems' immigration proposal creates national ID card, 'fingerprints every worker'

By Daniel Tencer, RAW STORY
Friday, April 30th

nationalidentificationcard Dems immigration proposal creates national ID card, fingerprints every worker

Democrat: Public more comfortable with idea of national ID card

Civil liberties groups and even some die-hard supporters of the Democratic Party are raising the alarm over the Democrats' proposed immigration overhaul, which would see the creation of a national biometric ID card.

"If the biometric national ID card provision of the draft bill becomes law, every worker in America would have to be fingerprinted and a new federal bureaucracy - one that could cost hundreds of billions of dollars - would have to be created to issue cards," the ACLUsaid in a statement Thursday, following the release of Senate Democrat's 28-page proposal (PDF) for comprehensive immigration reform...

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