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No More Deaths  | No Mas Muertes

There are many organizations already calling for an economic boycott of Arizona, and economic boycotts have proved to be a highly effective tool of the Civil Rights Movement in the past.

But I want to suggest another way to focus the attention of the nation and the world on Arizona. It is time to shine a bright light on the nativists and racists in Arizona who hide behind the legitimizing label of the Republican Party, particularly in the Arizona Legislature, and hold them up to public ridicule and scorn, and public shame. Their extremist views need to be de-legitimized, something our local Arizona media has failed miserably to do.

Make Arizona the new Mississippi. It is time for another "Freedom Summer" (The Arizona Summer Project).

When it comes to LGBT marriage rights, civil rights, freedom from bigotry and violence - we say: Gay Marriage Now and Without Apology!  And for none of these demands can we rely on the politics-as-usual of the Democrats, Congress - or on Obama.

Ocean Beach was abuzz this morning as people gathered for the "Slash Oil" initiative. Nearly 500 people showed up to lie down to call attention to the gulf oil spill. At 11:25am, a helicopter circled overhead to take our picture. I was in the "L".

Slash Oil was organized by San Francisco writer / activist / taxi driver Brad Newsham as part of a larger initiative that took place today called Hands Across the Sand, a national movement to oppose offshore oil drilling and champion clean energy and renewables.

After forming the slash oil symbol, participants walked down to the water's edge and spread out across the shoreline holding hands, while the helicopter continued taking pictures. People also joined hands at the shore along Crissy Field...

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That is always a difficult task, particularly when articulate opinion declares crime to be legitimate, either explicitly or by tacit adoption of a criminal framework--which is more insidious, because it renders the crimes invisible.



Developing News: The young man credited with releasing the notorious  Wikileaks video of a U.S. air crew murdering Iraqi civilians has been arrested. 
Attack on Gaza Freedom Flotilla constitutes an act of war
Bay Area World Can't Wait endorses June 5 Day of Action to Protest Attack on Gaza Flotilla and Israeli Blockade.

The savage Israeli attack on unarmed peace activists has already brought protests and condemnation in Turkey and across the globe.  The world condemns these murders, and knows that the number one supporter of Israel, financially and politically, is the United States. Emergency Response Protests have been called for cities throughout the world, with this Friday and Saturday called as days for demonstrations across the U.S. and around the world. 

World Can't Wait calls on you to join protests wherever you are! Find a complete (and growing) list at the web site of Gaza Freedom March.  In the SF Bay Area, join the World Can't Wait contingent in the large 

	San Francisco March & Rally
	Saturday June 5, 11am
	SF Civic Center (Polk & Grove Streets)

World Can't Wait message delivered to Israeli Consulate

Tuesday June 1
World Can't Wait condemns the brutal Israeli military attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters. All of the ships were unarmed, part of a non-violent effort to awaken world public opinion to the desperate state of the people of Gaza. This is but the latest escalation in Israel's criminal strangulation of the people of Gaza, the world's largest prison. 

Our friend, and advisor to War Criminals Watch, Ann Wright, had been on the largest ship attacked, but moved to another ship in the flotilla before 1,000 Israeli commandos boarded the ships, and began shooting.

The attack has already sparked protests around the world, and we need much more resistance, especially here in the country that is the number one supporter, financially and politically, of Israel. We know that what Israel is doing would not be possible without the "unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel" as Obama put it. Remember, it was Obama who stayed silent while Israel carried out the wholesale destruction of Gaza, murdering 1400 palestinians, including 400 children. Is this change you can believe in, or the same crimes against humanity, sold back to you with a different face?

Anyone with a shred of moral conscience and integrity needs to be in the streets, wherever they are, saying NOT IN MY NAME, I will not be silent in the face of the mounting crimes of my government, from Iraq and Afghanistan, to Guantanamo and Baghran, from Arizona to the Gulf of Mexico, and now to the unprecedented slaughter of international activists by the U.S.'s favorite client state. As the World Can't Wait's statement says, CRIMES ARE CRIMES NO MATTER WHO DOES THEM. Go to Worldcantwait.org, add your name to the growing list of people who refuse to go along with war, torture, attacks on immigrants, environmental destruction, racism, and U.S. support for Israel just because it's Obama, not Bush that is carrying it out. 

Enough is enough! The World Can't Wait! Enough is enough! The World Can't Wait! 
The U.S. and Israel are to blame, crimes against humanity, not in our name!

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