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One Hundred Days of Outrage!

July 30 marked the 100th day of the unprecedented environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico.


Gene Bernardi speaks out against new BP facility

As part of nationwide action on Friday, Berkeley protesters gathered at the construction site for "Helios Energy Research" at UC. The project is being funded with $500 million from the people who brought you the Gulf Oil Disaster.

Story and VIDEOS here and here

powerful new video



World Can't Wait activists marched to the SB 1070 protest in San Francisco 
yesterday, chanting "NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL":


"Courage is contagious"

Julian Assange
Wikileaks' Julian Assange said he hoped for an 'age of the whistleblower'. 
Photograph: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

"What we see is the US army as a huge boat that's hard to turn around. It's hard to have a new policy and enact change. [Change] has to come from the bottom not the top." - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

You've been hating this war and the lies that have kept it "acceptable" to way too many people?  Thanks to Wikileaks, let's grab hold of the truth and run with it!

The breaking news of Wikileaks' release of 92,000 military and government documents exposing the war in Afghanistan - is huge.  Go to www.worldcantwait.org now - and daily - to read the facts and stay tuned to the story, AND to connect with people taking action.

Do you want to stop this murderous, illegitimate war?  Then it's time for all of us  to do all we can to make that real.  We cannot afford to underestimate what difference it can make for people of conscience to act NOW - in a new situation, created by courageous people, in dangerous times, who have risked so much to bring out the truth.

The SF Bay chapter of World Can't Wait has immediate plans for local actions - including mobile, "flash" street video showings of the earlier Wikileaks video, "Collateral Murder".  Contact us at 415-863-5154 or sf@worldcantwait.org to get involved.  You are needed.
c/o Information Clearing House

and, be sure to follow frequent reports from the Gulf by 
Photo by Erika Blumenfeld © 2010

'fun to shoot people'

Lieutenant General James Mattis of the US Marines Corps
Lieutenant General James Mattis of the US Marines Corps                         Photo: AFP/GETTY

A senior US general once criticised for saying it was "fun to shoot some people" has been picked to take over US Central Command, leading the military command running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

A Poem for Oscar


Note: this verse by Jill McLaughlin was inspired by Nina Simone's "Mississippi, Goddam" (YouTube here)

Everybody Knows About Oakland, Goddam!

A Twisted verdict came down today

Goddam it takes my breath away

And What that  jury really meant to say

"Shoot a Black for free, you don't gotta pay"

I read somewhere as the cops pulled them from the train

Oscar called to people, "Ya all be cool"

He wasn't gonna play their  fool

But see they don't teach you in school

if Black in America it don't matter what you're doing

you can be loud, you can be quiet, you can be walking, you can be

working,  you can be poor, you can be doing alright for yourself, you can

be a Harvard professor, you can be a radical, you can be running, you

can be funning, you can be sleeping

all you're really good for is a jail cell or police shooting

I can hear Oscar's ancestors crying, hear Sean's and Aiyana's too

long history of toiling and dying, moments of really living too few.

A woman sang it best back then about Alabama, Tennessee and 


Tonight it's Oakland goddam, but everybody knows it's from sea to

shining sea. 


Solidarity For Oscar Grant

640_oscargrant-1.jpg original image ( 1250x1514)

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