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Stephanie Tang joined anti-war veterans Josh Stieber and Ethan McCord on the Lettieri & Poole show, KGO Newstalk Radio (810 AM) for a talk about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Wikileaks.
The August 21 1:00pm show can be accessed here.

Josh and Ethan were in Iraq with Bravo Company 2-16, the unit whose Apache helicopter attack on civilians is now known to the world thanks to the Wikileaks video. Ethan is seen in that video, carrying a wounded Iraqi child to find a medic.

Their "Open Letter of Reconciliation and Responsibility to the Iraqi People"  is being handed out at every street screening:

The mobile outdoor video team hits the streets to project the COLLATERAL MURDER Wikileaks video onto the walls of downtown streets and other crowded places where lots of people can see this video for themselves.

Youth Defending Youth


Thank You so much for visiting our site, I strongly encourage you to browse it in order to get a better idea of what we're all about. Here we are attempting to change tomorrow before it becomes today, and to change today in order to create brighter tomorrows for all generations to come.



UPDATE: New Video from inside the law school

Video of Boalt Hall action here

MONDAY AUGUST 16 protesters challenged John Yoo's first day back to the classroom. Vowing to return, organizers called the university's continued employment of a known war criminal an obstruction of justice. 


Berkeley Law dean Christopher Edley's denial of responsibility for enforcing ethical standards for school faculty echoes administrator Robert Birgeneau's complacency:

nothing about Berkeley is quite as straightforward as it seems..."We're actually a fairly broad church here," the chancellor says, "we've got the law professor John Yoo, who has been a prime advocate of the US government's torture policy, and the biggest student club on campus is the Republican."

California halts gay marriage

A US court has blocked same-sex marriages in California until at least December while an appeal is considered, in a battle over gay rights that could make its way to the Supreme Court.

"America's combat mission in Iraq" to be replaced by a mission of "supporting and training Iraqi security forces".

Mike Ferner, Veterans For Peace, 419-729-7273
Deb Forter, Military Families Speak Out, 617-983-0710
Jose Vasquez, Iraq Veterans Against the War, 917-587-3334

As organizations, we represent veterans and military families.  We have personally carried the burden of the war in Afghanistan, along with wars past. We are glad that the truth about the war is getting out to the public with the recent 92,000 documents on Wikileaks.  Hopefully, this will inspire a massive outcry against this war that is wreaking so much destruction to our exhausted and demoralized troops and their families while draining our national coffers.

Obama administration officials are trying to spin events in their favor.  Their words must be carefully examined. On the one hand, in an effort to downplay the significance of the release, we are told the documents contain no new information.
On the other hand, some high ranking members of the U.S. military are trying to: 1) intimidate anyone else from doing the same thing and 2) turn public opinion against whoever leaked the current documents.  Towards those goals, we are told that grievous harm will surely come to many Afghans and U.S. military personnel - if not now then certainly later. 
A more damning statement could hardly be imagined than this one from Admiral Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, "The truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family." 
While we certainly do not wish to see one additional person put at risk in this tragic, wrongheaded war, we must state the following as clearly as we can.
As veterans and families with members in the military, we consider statements like Admiral Mullen's to be nothing more than calculated attempts to turn public attention away from the real problem - the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan that has already caused the deaths and injuries of many thousands of innocent people all the while millions of Americans are jobless and face foreclosure or eviction. 

This suffering in Afghanistan and this bleeding at home will continue as long as our troops remain in that country.  Congress must stop funding this war.  We must bring our troops home now, take care of them properly when they return and pay to rebuild the damage we have caused to Afghanistan.

                                                                 # # #

Veterans For Peace is a national organization in its 25th year, with military service members from WWII and every conflict and period since then.

Military Families Speak Out is an organization of people opposed to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who have relatives or loved ones who are currently in the military or who have served in the military since the fall of 2002.  

Iraq Veterans Against the War is a national organization comprised of active duty, guard, and reserve troops and veterans who have served since 9/11. We call for immediate withdrawal of all occupying forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, reparations to the people of those countries, and full benefits for returning service members.

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