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It's been EIGHT blood-soaked years of the war/occupation that continues to devastate the people of Iraq.  Now, over a million people have been killed, with 4.5 million made homeless/displaced refugees.  Now, even though the war barely makes the front page, and too many Americans believe it's over, 50,000 U.S. troops remain in Iraq (re-named "advise and assist troops"). The commander-in-chief is different yet the total illegitimacy and immorality of this war is the same.
TO ALL OF HUMANITY, WE SAY: U.S. wars & occupations are not in our name! Stop These Wars Now!
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Stephen Hadley protest: a National Security Advisor to Bush, Hadley delivered a keynote speech to the World Affairs Council conference at the St Regis Hotel.  

World Can't Wait invites everyone who knows that Crimes Are Crimes, No Matter Who Does Them, and wants to see real justice weighed out for ALL those responsible for Bush Regime (and now Obama) war crimes -- to stand up for this righteous demand.



On March 19th Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to go to Paris to engage in discussions regarding the enforcement of the U.N. resolution. Before the United Nations vote, Clinton stated a U.N. no-fly zone over Libya would require the bombing of targets to remove the threat posed by Kadafi's regime. And we must not be misled into believing that this resolution only involves imposing a no fly zone. The wording of the resolution will allow a much larger war.  "...all necessary measures" is very broad language.

And the past should be very instructive about the imposition of no-fly zones.  The most recent no-fly zones were in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq.  Both of those evolved into massive wars with much death and destruction of innocent people in those nations. What makes us think this will be any different?

The Libyan people will not achieve true power by relying on the U.S. imperialists. The U.S. imperialists have fought many wars and they were generally disguised with words such as freedom and democracy. The enemy was declared to be tyrants, dictators, communists, terrorists, etc.  But each time we have been misled and never told the true motives of the Empire.  We can not afford to be lied to again. This war is one of empire.  If the imperialist actions are not opposed the Libyan people will only face more death and destruction, like those in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc...

This new war must be opposed

An 8-year war built on lies

"We will soon see the eighth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq.  That anniversary should remind us that the Iraq war has claimed many lives and permanently damaged many more.   It is not clear when this war and occupation, or the war in Afghanistan, will ever end.  What is clear is that the Iraq War was built entirely on lies and that painful fact grows clearer with each passing year.  It is no longer possible for honest people to suggest that the false claims made to start this war were just a string of misunderstandings, which brings to mind an important question...

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