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It took a bake sale...

to galvanize students in protest against the disfranchisement of their comrades' access to public education. But opposition to race and sex discrimination at CAL continues to build.

Hundreds of affirmative action demonstrators, dressed in black, on Sproul Plaza Tuesday, c/o Berkeleyside. Photo: Tracey Taylor

A newly-formed multicultural student group executed a die-in on Tuesday to protest the Berkeley College Republican bake sale (resurrected from previous examples), designed to defeat pending state affirmative action legislation.

"When you see that there is such a large power that's overtly oppressing, then that calls for coalition building because, clearly, individually it's not working. This is why we gotta come together, to show  this is not just an individual issue, but it's a collective issue, a systemic issue. -- demonstrator Ruben Canedo

"Our grief is not a cry for war!"

On September 11, 2011 it is important  that we do not allow racist hate mongers to be the only voices speaking to the media and to the world. We will counter the forces blaming immigrants and Muslims for cutbacks in social services, rising unemployment and continuing wars. 

Tar Sands Action


"It will be healthy for people to know there isn't a saviour in the White House. We have to build the movement we want. And the strategy can't be trying to wake up one person." -- Naomi Klein, Arrested in Oil Sands Protest

(photo: Shadia Fayne Wood/Tar Sands Action)

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