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Nowhere Man

Barack Obama on Monday cheered news that the Canadian company hoping to build the Keystone XL Pipeline to carry oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico would press ahead with a US-only segment of that controversial project... Story here.

"Incident in New Baghdad"

2012 Academy Awards Nomination, Documentary Short Subject

confronting the incivility of war, the murders of civilians in Haditha and in Baghdad - the latter documented in the now infamous WikiLeaks "Collateral Murder" video - provides a welcome (though, perhaps, unpleasant and regrettable) opportunity to reassert our commitment to the rule of law and to the dictates of our individual and/or collective consciences...
Amnesty International report here, c/o RAW STORY

UC Davis cop to go on trial


Lieutenant John Pike achieved Internet infamy after he was photographed and videotaped delivering a heavy dose of pepper-spray to more than a dozen seated demonstrators outside a UC Davis building last year. Protesters had gathered at the school to demonstrate against rising tuition hikes and campaigned under the umbrella of the then-infant Occupy movement...

Pike is now named in a lawsuit filed Wednesday, which is also aimed at the school's chancellor, provost and other administration officials and campus police.

photostream here


Hundreds of Occupy protesters, some of whom had once been imprisoned themselves, rallied outside the gates of San Quentin prison in California on Monday to protest high incarceration rates and harsh living conditions... 

Stand with Occupy Wall Street


Sign the Call for Mass Action to stop suppression of this 


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