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UPDATE:  Mayor backs off


Despite widespread public opposition, Mayor Ed Lee appears increasingly committed to pursuing some form of a stop-and-frisk policy for the city. Most recently, he used the tragic mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, as evidence for why it's needed...

Huffington Post story here 

Center for Constitutional Rights "Stop and Frisk -- The Human Impact" report released today

photo: World Can't Wait picket at July 10th rally organized by the Black Young Democrats of San Francisco

obama backbround drone(2).jpg

Monday, July 23 Barack Obama spoke to a big campaign rally at the Fox Theater in Oakland. World Can't Wait was outside with a message: 

War is not an abstraction and lives hang in the balance. These wars mean the escalating, horrendous use of drone warfare as America's "clean" weapon of choice. The torture known from Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo continues at Bagram today (with Guantanamo still open).  Massacres of civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen are daily routine and do not even usually make the news. Meanwhile, at the White House every Tuesday Obama signs off on a new assassination target list.  We demand an end to all this.

NO to these wars and occupations, NO to the drones, torture, and kill lists -- NO MATTER WHO THE PRESIDENT MAY BE!

White House officials tell the New York Times that in assessing civilian casualties from drone killings, they assume that anyone in the area of a strike is a combatant until proven otherwise.

Civil Liberties Groups Sue CIA, Pentagon Over Targeted Killings

 an inside look at Holloman Air Force Base, the primary training center for drone operators

the president's private army


In these last years, a secret army of special operations forces, 60,000 or more strong and still expanding, has grown like an incubus inside the regular armed forces. As the CIA's drones have become the president's private air force, so the special ops troops are his private army, and are now given free rein to go about the business of war in their own cocoon of secrecy in areas far removed from what are normally considered America's war zones...

How the American Military Machine Endangers the Whole World


Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Moazzam Begg still suffers flashbacks and nightmares but focuses his energies on CagePrisoners, an organization fighting for the rights of prisoners held around the world in the name of the "war on terror."

see What the World Thinks of US

CagePrisoners report (left) on procedural improprieties and abuses of human rights of terrorism suspects within the US federal and penal system

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