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Please go to this website if you would like to add your email to a notification list which can be engaged in the event of such an attack.

Voices for Creative Nonviolence is co-sponsoring this effort: "Although we believe the governments of Syria and Iran widely repress the human rights of their own respective populations, we are strongly opposed to a US military strike on either country, since such an action will only serve to increase the repression faced by Iranians and Syrians. It will also greatly diminish the opposition's ability to hold marches to peacefully push for social change."

Women's Equality Day


Women with World Can't Wait hold abortion rights signs at a Women's Rights rally in Potrero del Sol Park in San Francisco, August 26, 2012.

photo by Steve Rhodes

Stop publicly-funded hate speech

Commissioner: Thank you for condemning violence but more is needed

Today I encountered new ads placed next to the above messages, condemning them. 

While members of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board have recognized the implicitly racist messages on the buses and are reported to have promised proceeds to the city's Human Rights Commission, THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. The American Freedom Defense Initiative ads should never have been approved in the first place. Every second that they remain incites violence against Muslims. Jews and non-Jews alike should feel shamed and compelled to action to stop the growing Islamophobia in american culture. 
"This is appalling hate speech which disrespects Islam and promotes racism and the Board members of the MTA should be held accountable for allowing this message to appear on vehicles intended for the public good. -- Avi Goldberg

"Free Bradley Manning! Whistle-blowing is not a crime!"

Stephanie Tang of World Can't Wait and six other protesters, including war veterans Scott Olsen and Joshua Shepherd, demanded justice for Bradley Manning, the Army private accused of leaking state secrets to WikiLeaks. The action coincided with other rallies in Los Angleles and Portland, Oregon.

more photos, plus video here
Earlier this morning, Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino made the announcement, describing the process undertaken before a decision was made by the government and declared the government endorsed the "fears," accepted that Assange could face political persecution and measures, such as asylum, are necessary to avoid this persecution... more from Kevin Gosztola here
"While today much of the focus will be on the decision of the Ecuadorian government, it is just as important that we remember Bradley Manning has been detained without trial for over 800 days." - Julian Assange

New York City demonstration in support of decision here


U.S. Navy veteran Bill Gilson protest against NBC's

Photo credit: U.S. Navy veteran Bill Gilson protests against NBC's "Stars Earn Stripe" (Charles Eckert)

Nobel winners press NBC to cancel Wesley Clark's war-based 'reality' show

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1_DronesKillKids.jpgCodePink is organizing a U.S. peace delegation to travel to Pakistan in September. They will meet with survivors of CIA drone attacks and march to Miramshah in Waziristan with thousands of Pakistanis and international activists to protest these violent acts that have caused the deaths of hundreds of innocent people. 

Our march on the bridge this month will focus on educating the public about the disastrous drone warfare that our government is propagating in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, and elsewhere, that is destabilizing the world and making more enemies.  

11:45 am:  Gather at north or south end of eastern walkway of bridge.

12:00 noon:  Converge in the middle, rally on SF side after march.

Contact: Toby Blome,, 510-215-5974

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