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Dozens of anti-war activists rallied with hundreds of disgruntled environmentalists in the streets around the cordoned-off home of Ann and Gordon Getty Wednesday, where the President was visiting with loyal benefactors. Just months into Obama's second term in office, the administration is facing growing opposition to domestic political repression, mass incarceration, surveillance, and government action speeding climate destruction. The World Can't Wait recognizes the potential for disaffection from business-as-usual to grow, and translate into concrete acts of resistance to the crimes of this government.


The month of April presents opportunity for protest on two particular fronts:

Public debate surrounding the 'legality' and morality of drone attacks on civilians in the Middle East and Africa has prompted a national campaign to stop production of these robotic killing machines and to confront Presidential claims of unilateral authority to kill at whim. Visit www.KnowDrones.com to find what you should know about war drones and what you can do.

Second, step up to the responsibility to support the Guantanamo hunger strikers. We cannot stand by while these men endure murder by attrition. After 11 years of hell-on-earth in the U.S. experimental death camp, prisoners have resigned themselves to getting out - one way or the other. We must not let that be by coffin. Check back here soon for local events on April 11: National Day of Action.

The world can't wait - Close Guantanamo Now

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