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2007 protest outside the Senator's San Francisco office. Photo by Robert B. Livingston

A report completed more than a year ago by a Senate panel that investigated the CIA's torture program can only be released by the committee, which maintains complete "control" over the highly classified document, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Friday...


The dangerous wave of attacks against women's basic right to control their reproduction - from abortion to birth control - uses anti-scientific claims that abortion harms women. The wave of religious fanatics "descending" (actually bused into San Francisco by the Catholic Church) on January 25th want to take us back to the 1960s when thousands of women died every year from illegal abortions.

The anti-abortion crowd is slashing funds for pregnancy prevention that particularly impacts health care for low-income women. As much as they talk about unborn fetuses, their "morality" does not extend to providing care for those brought to term - nor children born in countries currently being bombed by the United States military. This culture war is not about fetuses - it's about nothing less than the social role of women and their most basic rights.

Misogynist lunatics have no place on the streets of San Francisco. We need an uncompromising movement of people standing up against attacks on women, right now! We need VISIBLE sustained opposition to those making war on women. It's time to get ourselves together to stop them.

photo by Steve Rhodes, http://www.flickr.com/photos/ari/12141161454/in/photostream/

And we don't need cops enforcing their hateful patriarchy.

/2014/01/images_thumb_275x154_1689_thumb_700x392_1710.jpegObama may have given [Edward] Snowden short shrift in his speech, but the young fugitive is the main - perhaps the only - reason Obama outlined his intended reforms Friday... 

Reaction to Obama's NSA speech ranges from lukewarm to skeptical

The President's "calibrated curbs on phone spying" doesn't change the reality that the government will continue collecting information on hundreds of millions of people. Will a panel reporting to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court change his current policy of selective murder?
In his statement, Sami appeals to President Obama to fulfill his promise to close Guantánamo, calling his record worse than that of President Bush, and also addresses the American people, noting the difference between the officials who opened Guantánamo and those who are keeping it open and certain Americans who have worked to oppose those actions, singling out the attorneys who have represented the prisoners for particular praise...
Reprieve video here
2013_0605ga_1.jpgAfter criticizing Bush's militarism, many "liberals" fail to denounce Obama's targeted killing program. This partisan-based lack of opposition to counter-progressive policies undermines the legitimacy of left-of-center advocacy and calls for new principles-based forms of political organization...

"Liberals": Partisan or Principled?

NOTE: Truthout's Adam Hudson moderated Guantanamo and Us, a discussion with Andy Worthington, Stephanie Tang, and Jeffrey Kaye. Video here

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