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The question of whether American health professionals previously involved in military torture programs should be allowed to quietly and freely continue their careers came to a head recently when it was revealed that the American Psychological Association (APA) refused to pursue ethics charges against psychologist John Leso.

Saleh v. Bush

NOTE: court hearing has been "vacated," no new date set 

Thursday April 03
TIME:2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Details:
U.S. Federal Courthouse 
450 Golden Gate Avenue 
San Francisco
Event Type:Court Date
In Saleh v. Bush, lead plaintiff Sundus Shaker Saleh alleges the Iraq War was a premeditated war against the Iraqi people, with the planning beginning in 1998. Support the efforts of Witness Iraq in bringing a lawsuit against key members of the Bush Administration: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell and Rice. 

Immediately following the hearing, Attorney Inder Comar will address the outcome of the hearing in a press conference. We would very much like your attendance at the hearing to forestall the government's "Motion to Dismiss."

If you are unable to attend CodePink promises to do their very best to livestream the pre-hearing rally and post-hearing press conference. 

Currently, the lawsuit is on the calendar, , but can be rescheduled. 

NOTE: we have no way of knowing how long the hearing will last, so please check the aforementioned website and anticipate a longer timeframe for this action.

the United Nations reviews U.S. compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which requires signatories to respect individual rights to life, due process and fair trials

"The war is supposedly over in Iraq and soon to finish in Afghanistan, but for Iraqis and Afghans, the war is far from over. General Petraeus must answer to those who continue to kill and be killed by the policies he introduced. He must be held accountable for violating international law. Allowing him to speak legitimizes his actions and makes us complicit in his crimes." 

-- Emma Wilde Botta and Cole Manley, c/o STATIC

"Remove Brennan, for starters"

"Given his false assurances to the Senate Intelligence Committee about CIA drone strikes, and his continuing failure to let the public finally know the facts about CIA torture, Brennan should resign or be removed from office so the Committee can examine and confirm new leadership." -- Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee
nope-thumb-300x457-1982.pngIn contrast to public assertions that it supports the [Senate Intelligence] committee's work, the White House has ignored or rejected offers in multiple meetings and in letters to find ways for the committee to review the records, a McClatchy investigation has found...

Read more here:

White House holds history hostage

Obama also said that claims that the CIA snooped in on computers used by the Senate Intelligence committee as it probed the agency's interrogations of George W. Bush era terror suspects had been properly handled by chief John Brennan.

(and the next few days thereafter). For three years TEPCO has been bungling remediation efforts while the life and health of everyone on this planet has been seriously threatened by uncontained release of radiation, especially in Japan. And it's going to go on for decades, if not centuries. Right now Daiichi is in a state of collapse from every angle: infrastructure weakened, manpower shortages, cooling systems deteriorating, lethally radioactive water storage leaks, contaminated groundwater rising to the surface, electrical systems highly vulnerable, with risk of a major earthquake taking it out entirely.

No Nukes or Die 4.jpg

In spite of all this, the PM is energetically pushing nuclear technology to India, Korea, Turkey and Vietnam. Japan's new Secrecy Law could make it a crime to investigate nuclear issues; harassment and jailing of Japanese activists must stop!

Most of us have no illusion that the water is safe and that the marine products are safe. We're giving up fish- BUT WE'RE NOT GIVING UP THE FIGHT!

We are taking to the streets to demand action. No weak assurances of safety. We want results. Here are a selection of events planned for 3.11 2014 that will bring your voice to the fore, that will let your concerns be heard, that will strengthen your heart, and your resolve. There's no turning back; Fukushima is Here.

March 11, 2014 is important; for one day we become one with Japan.

In San Francisco, the Japan Consulate is at 50 Fremont Street, near the Embarcadero BART station. Assembly at 3 pm, short speeches, reading and delivery of letter to Consul, then march to Union Square for rally and more speakers.


7:30-9:35 pm, in both San Francisco and Los Angeles: 
Surviving Japan, a powerful film about the tsunami, and the Fukushima nuclear disaster's aftermath, will be shown at AMC Van Ness 14, 1000 Van Ness Avenue in SF, where the Director Christopher Noland will host a Q&A after, and at Laemmle's Royal Theatre, 11523 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Los Angeles, where the Producer Q'orianka Kilcher will host a Q&A (map) (310) 478-3836. Tickets must be purchased in advance, from the theaters or from the director.




Stand Up - Speak Out - March!



In San Francisco we start at St. Mary's Cathedral at 

12:00 noonWe will march from there to Mitchell Bros 

strip club, an infamous center for the commodification 

of women's bodies. 

Between pope and pornographer, there is no fundamental difference! Both reduce women to objects. We will be there 

to say loudly and defiantly, we CAN and MUST do better 

than a world where half of humanity is systematically used and abused.

Security for whom?

03PIPELINE-1393791632252-blog480.jpgOrganizers estimated that about 450 people - mostly college students - would ultimately be arrested as they tried to dissuade the Obama administration from approving the 1,700-mile crude oil pipeline from Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast.

"human oil spill" photo by Nicholas Kamm/Agence France-Presse -- Getty Images

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