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Reports of bombing along the Iraq-Syria border (now attributed to Syrian warplanes) raise the alert for planned protests against renewed U.S. incursion of Iraq. We must be prepared to respond immediately if/when the U.S. drops bombs. (See video of SF demo last week.)

In the Bay Area, the plan is to gather at 5:00 pm at Powell & Market, on the day of the attack. 

If the attack happens overnight, come out the next day, same time and place. 

Bring signs and prepare to rally, speak-out and march. Find organizing materials herePlease keep tuned to news of the volatile situation and be prepared to take action.

As violence escalates, opponents from within Iraq and across the world condemn Obama's push for military strikes on the war-tattered nation. 

"We need to challenge this idea that Iraq has a legitimate government that is fighting terrorist organizations." -- Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies

About 170 U.S. personnel have arrived in Baghdad - almost as many as those already there - with another 100 nearby outside Iraq to assist, rear admiral John Kirby said in a statement from the Pentagon late Monday. Obama had earlier sent a letter to members of Congress informing them of the decision.

Saturday, June 21: Rally and March with the World Can't Wait contingent

National "No New U.S. War on Iraq" - ANSWER Coalition 

12:00 noon

Powell BART Plaza (Fifth and Market Street), San Francisco 


The most serious sectarian and ethnic tensions in Iraq's modern history followed the 2003 US-led occupation, which faced massive popular opposition and resistance.The US had its own divide-and-rule policy, promoting Iraqi organisations founded on religion, ethnicity, nationality or sect rather than politics. Many senior officers in the newly formed Iraqi army came from these organisations and Saddam's army. This was exacerbated three years ago, when sectarian groups in Syria were backed by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. 

-- Sami Ramadani, London Metropolitan University

No Air Strikes. No Troops. No War in Iraq.                                                                                                                                                                                       

the vampires have not won

"As long as capitalism exists, as long as it puts profits before people, as it must, as long as it puts profits before the environment, as it must, those on the receiving end of its sharp pointed stick must look for another way." -William Blum

BN-DE587_bpdron_G_20140611082213.jpgAeroVironment "Puma AE" gets pre-flight checkout on Sunday in preparation for flights at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

oil and gas companies lead the way in commercial drone use  

Obama's trade in "too dangerous to release" Taliban prisoners Saturday, notably absent Congressional review, gives lie to the argument that the President is doing all he can to close Guantanamo. And raises fresh questions about his plan to move illegal practices of indefinite detention and force-feeding to the U.S. mainland. 

Commander-in-chief prerogative displayed in yesterday's action leaves little excuse for delay in releasing the remaining 149 prisoners.
UPDATE: After almost 10 years of force-feeding at Guantanamo, it is (finally) in front of a federal district judge, Gladys Kessler. The hearing (on remand from the US Court of Appeals for DC) is ongoing. So far three orders have been issued, and the next hearing is scheduled for June 15.

The President uses the U.S. Army to force-feed detainees, a brutal procedure in which a tube is shoved through the nose into the stomach, and liquids are pumped in while prisoners are strapped down in a chair.

Torture is a war crime, and a crime against humanity. International and U.S. law prohibit torture, under any and all circumstances, without exception. If we fail to hold our government and its officials accountable for the American torture state they have constructed, we are condoning that torture and it will continue to occur.

photo: May 23rd Bay Area Global Day of Action

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