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Ray McGovern v. Militarized Madness


Retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern has been an outspoken commentator on intelligence-related issues.  He was arrested last night at the door of the (New York City) 92nd Street Y where ex-General David Petraeus was scheduled to speak.  Although he held a ticket to the event, McGovern's arrest included charges of criminal trespass as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. McGovern spent the night in jail and was arraigned about noon today.  He has a court date for Dec. 8. Read more about last night's events here.  Stay tuned for further developments.

You Can't Bomb a Virus


Obama could have called Ebola a "public health threat" or "global health threat." But with this bold declaration that the virus is a "security threat", he is doing two things. First, he's trying to convey that the outbreak in West Africa -- even though it's on a distant continent -- presents an existential threat to America. This language shifts the focus from "them" to "us." Second, he's signaling that the risk is immediate enough to justify the galvanization of American resources.

9/11 politics of fear fail to address the root causes of today's epidemic and will only exasperate a rapidly deteriorating situation

One of the biggest decisions for the world's biggest single user of fossil fuel will be the location of some 7,000 U.S. military sites, according to a Pentagon report released Monday. 

We see an Arctic that is melting, meaning that most likely a new sea lane will emerge. We know that there are significant minerals and natural deposits of oil and natural gas there. That means that nations will compete for those natural resources. That's never been an issue before. You couldn't get up there and get anything out of there. We have to manage through what those conditions and new realities are going to bring in the way of potential threats... We are considering the impacts of climate change in our war games and defense planning scenarios. 

-- Defense secretary Chuck Hagel

A new book by Henry Giroux confronts the false narrative of neoliberal politics.

..widespread acceptance of the militarized lockdown of Boston crystalizes the degree to which society has come to accept martial law and mass surveillance as inevitable necessities of contemporary American life. Over-the-top repression of social movements like Occupy reveals an increasing intolerance and suspicion of those who challenge state and corporate power, while the violence marketed to youth as entertainment promotes further disconnection from a sense of cohesive community. The Violence of Organized Forgetting is a passionate call for public engagement as a means to push back against restrictions on freedom and the passive acceptance of a frightening status quo.





 Monday, October 13

 Rally 3 pm, March at 4 

 Fruitvale BART Plaza


Not One More Deportation! Stop the Criminalization and Deportation of the Children! The rounding-up and deportation of immigrants, including children, is part of Mass Incarceration - a conscious policy that criminalizes Black and Latino peoples, and treats them as less than human. Along with police murder, and the imprisonment of 2.4 million people, the vicious targeting of immigrants is part of a genocidal program that is accelerating in both numbers and brutality. Families are torn apart and children are being sent back to countries from which they fled for their lives.


Event is part of "October Month of Resistance"


(510) 984-3648

Last year's standards for civilian protection from drone strikes will not apply to U.S. military operations in Syria and Iraq, the White House has announced.  "Civilians" and designated "terrorists" or "militants" are all fair game for U.S. assassination. 

Asserting that civilian deaths from U.S. strikes are "much less than the brutality of the Assad regime", war crime apologist Adam Kinzinger resorts to that time-worn excuse, 

We're Not As Bad As the Other Guys.

Are beheadings by drones somehow less egregious than by sword? I'll spare you the photographs.

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