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DANGER: Darren Wilson Still at Large


In television terms, ABC's interview was one of the biggest 'wins' of the year... Wilson's low profile since his murder of Michael Brown meant every media organization covering the high-profile story was eager to speak to him.

Cop's resignation from Ferguson police force doesn't cut it -- arrest this psycho before he kills again


Protesters at the West Oakland BART station held train doors open in West Oakland, preventing trains from traveling in either direction on Friday morning as officials brought in bus bridges to get people where they wanted to go...

Chained to bench on BART platform, protesters said they would stay for 4 hours, the same time they say, "Mike Brown was left on street." (@LauraAnthony7)

Rise Up in Righteous Protest

| Ferguson, we see how far the justice system in this country has drifted from justice. A decision is coming that promises to be so unjust in its nature, so contrary to the basic tenets of equality, so dismissive of black life, that mass protest is inevitable and riots are expected. The state apparatus is not moving to serve the will of people who stand against this injustice, it is preparing for battle against it under the bogus guise of peacekeeping. To prepare for injustice is proof enough that it is already the status quo.

-- Natasha Lennard, Vice News

Cop Watch


..while death by an officer is the most extreme form of police brutality, it is not the only form that has lasting consequences. The psychological effects of being stopped-and-frisked or of experiencing verbal and physical abuse from the police from a young age can cause serious trauma. The fear and distrust caused by aggressive police presence creates an unsafe environment for everyone.

Film the Police!

It's up to us to stop the U.S. war OF terror on the Middle East.


With midterm elections out of the way, President Obama lost no time soliciting Congressional approval for further strikes on Iraq and Syria:

"It makes sense for us to make sure that the authorization reflects what we perceive to be not just our strategy over the next two or three months, but our strategy going forward." (The timetable for Bush's War Powers Act has run out.)

If the Democratic Party fiasco on Tuesday demonstrated anything, it was that illegal military action against sovereign nations will not be stopped in the voting booth. Political policy is changed by movements that influence how people think. This requires a community of resistance - an independent mass movement of people - acting in the interests of humanity to stop, and demand prosecution, of the crimes of our government.

Download poster here.

Fight the Plague of Fear


Involuntary quarantine of asymptomatic persons violates civil liberties and threatens to disrupt a proper, science-based response to the Ebola crisis.  


With the potential costs so high, we cannot afford to make the same political mistakes with Ebola that we did with HIV. If we have any hope to save the lives of countless Africans and avoid unnecessary suffering for those who dare to try to help them, we need to immediately reverse the foolish quarantines that perpetuate a plague of fear on American soil.

see Lessons Learned Fighting HIV

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