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8 Activists Block Drone Base

Code Pink's Toby Blome reports:

On Tuesday during early morning commute, 8 Anti-Drone activists blockaded Wheatland road into Beale Air Force Base for 1 hour and 20 minutes, during the morning commute. The majority of military personnel and non-military personnel enter through this gate each morning, totaling hundreds of vehicles. In a continuing 4 year long monthly resistance to illegal drone assassinations and perpetual war, these activists refused to get out of the road when a very polite highway patrol officer arrived after the first half hour of blockade.

After much initial discussion between the officer and the activists, the officer radioed in to his supervisor, who gave him the order not to arrest. Within 10 minutes another officer arrived on the scene, and the two officers proceeded to use their patrol cars to create a barrier between the peace activists and the commute cars, creating a second layer of blockade. All drivers trying to get into the base that morning were forced to take a long detour to other gates, significantly delaying their arrival to the base. 

Occupy Beale Air Force Base activists were motivated by the recent continued escalation of illegal drone attacks by the Obama Administration in Pakistan and Yemen, as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and elsewhere. Just on Monday a 12 year old boy, Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman, was killed by a U.S. drone attack in Yemen, along with 2 adults, while driving on a roadway. 
Mohammed had lost his father and 17 year old brother by a U.S. drone attack in 2011.

Photo via National Organization for Drone Victims

March 4-6: SHUT DOWN CREECH!  

Creech AFB, the heart of U.S. drone warfare in southern Nevada, will see the largest ever drone protest in the country. Bring Affinity groups, invite friends and help us Shut Down the very base where CIA drone killing is executed!

Connecting the dots to the rampant police violence against black and brown people of color, activists brought the "Black Lives Matter" theme to Beale this month. "From Ferguson to Pakistan, Oakland to Afghanistan, STOP THE RACIST KILLING." A flyer distributed to Beale personnel explained the extreme racism that exists both in U.S. global warfare, drone killing and in law enforcement practices, where lives of people of color and people of other cultures are so easily expendable. Occupy Beale activists refuse to be complicit in the dehumanization of other peoples' lives. The one hour-plus blockade was very successful in stopping "business as usual" at Beale Air Force Base and demanding that these policies change.

Observers of Martin Luther King Jr. Day have this year linked the federal holiday to a rallying cry in recent months during demonstrations over police brutality: "Black lives matter." Reuters 

"The problem of police brutality is real; it's going on in every major city." - Gabriel Baez, nephew of Eric Garner

..organizers said they "demand the leadership of the state take immediate action to institute meaningful, systemic policy solutions to address the worst racial disparities in the country." AP report from St. Paul, Minnesota

In year that saw renewed calls for racial justice, over 50 nationwide demonstrations held to 'desanitize' the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. - Lauren McCauley, Common Dreams

Booting Up

NOTE: Report on January 13 action here

Press Conference followed by March to Office of the Dean 

West Terrace of Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley

"Why is one of the central perpetrators of a systematic torture regime teaching at Berkeley law school and welcomed in our most respectable opinion venues?" 

Boalt Hall administrators have been dodging that question for nearly a decade. Remedy for crimes against humanity has no expiration date; apologists for the repudiated opinions of John Yoo have no legal standing, and people of conscience refuse to accept brutality carried out in their name. Release of the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture has strengthened resolve of justice advocates from the legal, religious, medical and campus communities around the U.S. for immediate closure of the Guantanamo Torture Camp.

Fire, Disbar, PROSECUTE John Yoo!

Prosecutions are the very best way to ensure that officials don't torture again. The freedom afforded Bush administration officials today threatens to normalize criminal behavior by "do it again" Cheney and company. The Center for Constitutional Rights' Michael Ratner applauds investigation by a German human rights group, but as Curt Goering at The Center for Victims of Torture reminds us, "It is about us. And it is up to all of us to act."

From Ferguson to Guantanamo, masses of people are challenging the legitimacy of policies that contribute to state sanctioned terror. 


The police were not created to protect and serve the population. They were not created to stop crime, at least not as most people understand it. And they were certainly not created to promote justice. They were created to protect the new form of wage-labor capitalism that emerged in the mid to late nineteenth century from the threat posed by that system's offspring, the working class.

-- Sam Mitrani, Class and Conflict

Patrol badge, 1858. The original police in the South hunted down escaped slaves.

The Afghan War Is So Not Over


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