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The Sad Truth


If a nation continually bombs a people, invades and occupies their land, appropriates their resources, harms their children, imprisons and humiliates their families, and tears apart the fabric of the social order, there is direct responsibility for the inevitable backlash to follow. It actually produces the very conditions in which violence continues to thrive. The rush to violence kills more innocent people, is strategically useful only as a recruiting tool for terrorists, and further emboldens those who thrive on a culture of fear and benefit from creating a surveillance state, a lockdown society and a violently determined order based on the principles of limitless control, managed forms of social and political exclusion, and privilege - including the privilege to destroy.

"..thousands of young men grow up in a world in which premeditated killings
take place on an almost daily basis when army personnel from thousands of
miles away push a button. Is it really surprising that some of them lose their
wits, strike back and create even more violence and the death of many
innocent people?"
Heiner Flassbeck, Flassbeck-Economics

The seeds of terrorism do not lie simply in ideological fundamentalism; they also lie in conditions of oppression, war, racism, poverty, the abandonment of entire generations of Palestinian youth, the dictatorships that stifle young people in the Middle East and the racist assaults on Black youth in urban centers in the United States...

The War on Terror Is a War on Youth

Chicago's Moment


UPDATE: Officer Jason Van Dyke charged with murder of Laquan McDonald

The city [Chicago] has been ordered to release, within days, a police video of the fatal shooting of a black 17-year-old by a white police officer. Even the officer's lawyer has described the video, which the city sought for months to block from public view, as "graphic" and "violent" and "difficult to watch at some points."

"My greatest fear is not the protest, but if there is no protest." -- Rev. Jesse Jackson

Video of Chicago Police Shooting Ordered Released


-_8117 (2).jpeg
photo by Rem O'Donnelley,

We call[ed] for an immediate end to U.S./NATO airstrikes and targeted killings. Retaliation for the devastating events in Paris that left 129 dead is the worst possible response to the reactionary Islamist movement dominating parts of the Middle East. And will add more refugees to the millions desperately trying to survive endless wars for empire.


Break the Silence: No More War on Syria and Beyond
Stop the Air Strikes and Targeted Killings NOW! 
Friday, November 20
12 noon to 1pm
San Francisco City Hall, 
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
(Civic Center Plaza side of City Hall)

Initiated by World Can't Wait, CODEPINK, and members of Occupy San Francisco Action Council.
Join CODEPINK, World Can't Wait and Occupy SF Action Council
Stop Endless Wars! PEACE vigil
November 11 
5:30 - 6:30 pm
McKesson (BART) Plaza
Montgomery & Market Streets
San Francisco

A special message from IRAQ VETERANS AGAINST THE WAR:

This day isn't one our community takes pride in. We have always cringed at the "Thank you for your service" platitudes we are offered. Thanking us assumes that our service and support of the occupations is something to be grateful for, and it shuts off any chance for dialogue about the atrocities of wars. We refuse to forget what we took part in and we will not stop in working to end these wars of choice, wars of greed, wars manufactured by people who don't bear their burdens. Our community of veterans is marking this day a bit differently than most. Today, we are launching our #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex) campaign. 

Drop the MIC is focused on highlighting how U.S. militarism affects everyone's lives- those living abroad facing the brunt of U.S. forces and weapons and those living here, facing over militarized police. The same companies that provide weapons to Saudi Arabia and militias in Syria are equipping police departments with armored vehicles. U.S. militarism shows up in the recruiters in our schools, the surveillance aircraft monitoring our protests and the Pentagon sponsored 'Salute our Veterans' spectacles at sports arenas across the country. It is immersed in our lives and we are committed to working to make the invisible seen and to put it to an end.

Amor and Victory for Alex Nieto!



On Friday evening, March 21, 2014, Alejandro "Alex" Nieto, 28 years old, was killed when he was struck by 14 to 15 bullets (of a total of 59 shots) fired by four San Francisco Police Department officers, on Bernal Hill Park, without justification. 

Yesterday friends, community and family came together on the windy steps of the old Federal Building to celebrate a judge's decision to allow a civil suit against the killers to go forward. Trial date is now set for March 1, 2016. -- janinsanfran

Press Conference VIDEO

Ferguson's Effect


Months of student and faculty protests over racial tensions and other issues that all but paralyzed the University of Missouri campus culminated Monday in an extraordinary coup for the demonstrators, as the president of the university system resigned and the chancellor of the flagship campus here said he would step down to a less prominent role at the end of the year.

The threat of a boycott by the Missouri football team dealt the highest-profile blow to the president, Timothy M. Wolfe, and the chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, but anger at the administration had been growing since August, when the university said it would stop paying for health insurance for graduate teaching and research assistants.

Many of the students and faculty members who took part in demonstrations had also been inspired by the protest movement sparked last year in Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, after a white police officer there killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, and they were experienced at using social media in organizing. They saw themselves as part of a continuum of activism linking Ferguson, other deaths at the hands of police, protests on campuses around the country and the Black Lives Matter movement...

University of Missouri President and Chancellor Step Aside Amid Protests

"After a decade and a half of war abroad, the war has come home, mobilized through a culture of fear, surveillance and violence... The very idea of violence has metamorphosed into a solution for addressing social problems. For instance, as everyday behavior is criminalized, school children are assaulted by the security personnel, Black youth are killed by the police for making eye contact, and under the pretext of a war on terror, the distinction between civilians and combatants is blurred. Public spheres once considered safe spaces have been transformed into war zones, turning poor urban schools into prisons, cities into training grounds for paramilitarized police forces, and airports into sites of intensive surveillance and security," says critical pedagogue Henry A. Girou

Take control of your life:

"Black youth, among other concerned young Americans, are currently making real strides in moving beyond sporadic protests, short-lived demonstrations, and non-violent street actions in the hopes of building sustained political movements. Groups such as Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project, We Charge Genocide, Dream Defenders and others represent a new and growing political force that are not only connecting police violence to larger structures of militarism throughout society, they are also reclaiming public memory by articulating a direct link 'between the establishment of professional police systems in the United States (and) the patrolling systems that maintained the business of human bondage in chattel slavery.'"

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