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America on Steroids

/2016/04/31C54EF900000578_3472373_image_a_5_1456925740080.jpg"Trump's 'vision for the future of our nation is as deeply disturbing as it is profoundly un-American'. The trouble is, many of these hypothetical future nightmares are very much of the present -- if in a lesser or more polite form," op-eds Janine Jackson, OtherWords. "The novelty of Trump's dystopian ideas [get] too much credit."

Deliberation over "what's good for the U.S." holds the welfare of billions of people in the balance. A post at Quora notes "A lot of Americans tend to approach questions like minimum wage, Islam, etc by only thinking about how it affects the people within the borders. Self improvement is unsustainable with the rest of the world left behind." 

Put Humanity and the Planet First - The World Can't Wait. 

Donald Trump, Interrupted

la-na-trump-gop-california-20160429-003.jpg"Surrounded by Secret Service agents, the New York developer clambered over a concrete barrier and entered the hotel through a back door," Michael Finnegan, Javier Panzar and Seema Mehta described Trump's arrival at the California GOP Convention yesterday.  

"When the president and his key officials look at the drone program, they undoubtedly don't 'see' women and children," writes Pratap Chatterjee in an article for TomDispatch. "Instead, they are caught up in a Hollywood-style vision of imminent danger from terrorists and of the kind of salvation that a missile launched from thousands of miles away provides. It is undoubtedly thanks to just this thought process, already deeply embedded in the American way of war, that not a single candidate for president in 2016 has rejected the drone program."

"I just want people to know that not everybody is a freaking terrorist and we need to just get out of that mindset," says one of at least a dozen whistleblowers who have stepped forward. More witnesses are expected to join them in the near future.  

San Francisco Will Not Be Silent

World Can't Wait urges you to resist the culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance behind mayor Ed Lee's brutal assault on San Francisco's homeless population. 

San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr held a town hall meeting this afternoon to "update" latest developments in the fatal police shooting of 45-year-old Luis Gongora, whose death on April 7 has been plagued by controversy after numerous witnesses disputed police accounts of the incident.

Photo: Laborers International Union building in San Francisco's Mission District Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner 

A Yucatec Mayan, Luis is survived by his brothers Jose and Carlos Gongora Pat and his cousin Luis Pot Pat, his only family members in the United States, and his spouse, three grown children and his elderly parents, all in Yucatan, Mexico. The Gongora Pat family extends their gratitude to the outpouring of love and support.

"The new information on the shooting did not appease the crowd, which broke out into chants of 'Fire chief Suhr'," reads an account in The Guardian. "The shooting has prompted outrage and heartbreak among friends and neighbors of Gongora - who describe him as harmless and nonviolent - and among San Franciscans who see the shooting as just the latest assault on the homeless and poor by a city that is increasingly unaffordable to all but the wealthy." 

Protest of this latest murder by police continues tonight at a Police Commission meeting, San Francisco City Hall.

Bernie's failure to confront this specific, crucial power of the "billionaire class" isn't a "blind spot" of his politics, since imperialism is like a tank parked in your living room, too big to ignore. By consciously allying with this imperialist-section of the establishment, Sanders has exposed himself as a push over, whenever the imperialists decide it's push comes to shove over war.
"Twenty-five anti-drone activists from all over the nation were arrested for blocking the roadway at the entrance of Creech Air Force base forty-five miles northwest of Las Vegas on March 31 and April 1," reports David Kupfer at The Progressive. 

"Earlier in the week, a symposium called 'Inside Drone Warfare' was held at the University of Las Vegas' School of Law. Sponsored by Veterans for Peace and Knowdrones.com, the event focused on the impacts on whistleblowers and on families of civilians killed by overseas airstrikes from remotely piloted aircraft controlled by operators at Creech Air Force Base and other military installations in the United States."

image001.jpgProtesters marched throughout the Mission in response to Thursday's SFPD shooting death of a homeless man. While officers claim that José Luis Gongora charged at them with a kitchen knife, and that they fired in self defense, The Guardian, the Chronicle, and NBC Bay Area are all reporting that multiple witnesses contradict police claims and insist that Gongora neither charged at officers nor was he holding a weapon when police opened fire. Over one hundred people marched to the 19th and Shotwell Street site of the shooting before continuing on to the SFPD Mission Station on Valencia at 17th Street-- photo by Liam MC. 

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